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June 20th-22th, 2017
"VI Solar Physics and Heliosphere Spanish Meeting", Mérida, Spain
July 10th-12th, 2017
"Solar Orbiter Systems Operation Working Group meeting", ESAC, Villafranca del Castillo, (Madrid), Spain

Past Events

May 30th - June 1st, 2017
"SO/PHI Calibration Working Group meeting", Gottingen, Germany
April 3rd, 2017
7th Solar Orbiter Workshop: Exploring the Solar EnvironsGranada, Spain


SO/PHI@Solar Orbiter

The Sun Now

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Spanish Instrument IMax analises in detail the Sun's behaviour at full activity - 6 june 2017

IMaX is a magnetograph developed for the SUNRISE mission, which observed the Sun from a stratospheric Balloon at the Artic


International experts meet in Granada to talk about the scientific goals of the Solar Orbiter mission - 3 april 2017

Solar Orbiter will study both, the Solar Physics and the influence of the Sun in the Interplanetary medium

SO/PHI Electric Funcional Model (EFM) Delivery - 14 september 2016

The Electric Funcional Model has been delivered to Airbus Defense and Space in Stevenage


Solar Orbiter is the next mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) which will study the Sun. The SPG contributes to this mission with SO/PHI

Lateral downflows in the sunspot penumbral filaments and their temporal evolution

For the first time, the temporal evolution of the lateral downflows is observed and characterized

The contribution of the solar internetwork to the network magnetic flux

The weakest magnetic elements on the solar surface determine the maintenance of the network flux patches

IAA-CSIC is co-managing an instrument that will orbit around the Sun on board the Solar Orbiter 

Solar Orbiter (ESA) will travel around the Sun to study both solar physics and the Sun’s influence on the interplanetary medium

The history of a quiet-Sun magnetic element revealed by IMaX/Sunrise 

For the first time, researchers observe the formation and evolution of a resolved quiet-Sun magnetic element 

 SPG Publications

Full list of publications

Spectropolarimetric Evidence for a Siphon Flow along an Emerging Magnetic Flux Tube
I. S. Requerey et al. 2017, ApJS 229 15


Convectively Driven Sinks and Magnetic Fields in the Quiet-Sun
I. S. Requerey et al. 2017, ApJS 229 14

Emergence of granular-sized magnetic bubbles through the solar atmosphere. III. The path to the transition region
A. Ortiz et al. 2016, ApJ 825 93

The Solar Internetwork. II. Flux Appearance and Disappearance Rates
M. Gosic et al. 2016, ApJ 820 35

Long-term trends of magnetic bright points. I. Number of magnetic bright points at disc centre
D. Utz et al. 2016, A&A 585 39