Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC)

SO/PHI Electrical Functional Model Delivery


After the successful Delivery Review Board (DRB) that was held last July, the SO/PHI Electrical Functional Model (EFM) has been delivered to Airbus Defense & Space in Stevenage.

The first step will be the model initial verification after transportation. This will be done by performing the procedures safe to mate and health check followed by the excution of the full functional tests.

As a second step, the model will be integrated in the platform Electrical Test Bench (ETB) together with the other instruments that will be part of the Solar Orbiter mission.

The main aim of the ETB is to perform the electrical and data interfaces verification. Different tests will be done to check the power, the SpaceWire interface as well as the telemetry. The ETB will also be used to verify the failure management (FDIR) of the different instruments.