Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC)

3rd SOLARNET Workshop

"Polarization in the Sun, the Solar System, and Beyond"

Granada, 25-28 May 2015 


The following review talks are already confirmed:

Keynote talk

Sami K. Solanki (MPS): Polarization in astrophysics - a personal selection

Session 1 

M. Collados (IAC): Solar polarimetry from the ground
T. Tarbell (LMSAL): Solar polarimetry from space
O. Muñoz (IAA-CSIC): Laboratory studies of scattering polarization by macroscopic particles
C. Keller (Leiden University): Instruments for stellar polarimetry

Session 2

J.C. del Toro Iniesta (IAA-CSIC): Solar inversion codes
H. Uitenbroek (NSO): Polarized radiative transfer in solar MHD simulations
J. Stepan (Astronomical Institute ASCR): Hanle effect diagnostics of the solar atmosphere
K. Muinonen (U. Helsinki): Multiple scattering in particulate media
T.A. Carroll (AIP): Stellar inversion codes

Session 3

G. Petrie (NSO): Polar magnetic fields  
D. Orozco Suarez (IAC): Quiet sun magnetic fields

Session 4

A. Lagg (MPS): Spectropolarimetry of the solar chromosphere
A. Lopez Ariste (IRAP CNRS): Magnetic fields in solar prominences
Coronal polarimetry

Session 5

S. Bagnulo (Armagh Observatory): Polarization of comets, asteroids, and TNOs
R. West (JPL): Polarization of jovian planets
D. Stam (Delft University): Characterizing exoplanets through polarimetry

Sessions 6 

O. Kochukhov (Uppsala University): Stellar magnetic fields across the HR diagram 
G. Wade (RMC): Magnetic fields of massive stars