Metcalf Travel Awards

NEW: We proudly announce the winners of the Hinode 12 Metcalf Travel Awards: Dr. Clara Froment (Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics - University of Oslo) and Dr. Milan Gošić (LMSAL/BAERI). They will deliver the meeting’s Metcalf Lectures. 


Dr. Clara Froment

Clara Froment is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics in Oslo, working with Luc Rouppe Van der Voort.

She completed her PhD in 2016 at the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale in France, under the supervision of Frédéric Auchère. She worked on long-period EUV pulsations in coronal loops, using a combination of observations and numerical simulations. Her work showed that these variations are caused by cycles of evaporation and condensation of the plasma due to a quasi-steady heating mainly concentrated at the loop footpoints, providing new constraints for the coronal heating problem. For this work she received the ESPD PhD thesis prize in 2017.

In Oslo, Clara is working on the link between these intensity pulsations and coronal rain, using SST, IRIS, Hinode and SDO data.

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Dr. Milan Gošić

Milan is a post-doctoral researcher on the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) mission at Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory/Bay Area Environmental Research Institue (USA) working with Dr. Bart De Pontieu. He is an expert for the evolution of quiet Sun magnetic fields, and received his Ph.D. in 2015 from the University of Granada working with Dr. Luis Ramón Bellot Rubio. Milan currently works on the contribution of small-scale internetwork magnetic fields to the energetics and dynamics of the quiet Sun atmosphere, while also being involved in operation of the IRIS satellite.

milan gosic