Scientific programme

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Horario Hinode12


1. Surface convection and magnetism 

2. Atmospheric structure, dynamics and heating

3. Magnetic coupling from the photosphere to the corona

4. Flares and coronal mass ejections

5. Waves and the solar wind    

6. Results from ALMA     

7. Upcoming ground- and space-based instruments: synergies with Hinode

8. Special session on the NGSPM


* Monday September 10

09:00-09:15     Welcome address

Session 1. Surface convection and magnetism

CHAIR: Ada Ortiz

09:15-09:45     METCALF LECTUREMagnetic field evolution in the quiet Sun

                        Milan Gošić

09:45-10:15     Interactions between magnetic fields and plasma convection on the solar surface (INVITED)

                        Carlos Quintero Noda

10:15-10:30     Improving the way to infer Quiet SunMagnetic topology    

                        Juan Carlos Trelles Arjona

10:30-10.45     A novel investigation of the small-scale magnetic activity of the quiet Sun viathe Hanle effect in the Sr I 460.7 nm line          

                        Javier Trujillo Bueno

10:45-11:00     Polar Field Measured by Hinode Solar Optical Telescope Spectropolarimeter in Comparison with Other Observations   

                        Nariaki Nitta

11:00-11:15     Field line braiding in the solar corona by photosphericflows          

                        Simon Candelaresi


CHAIR: Aimee Norton

12:00-12:30    Formation and evolution of sunspot penumbrae (INVITED)

                        Paolo Romano

12:30-12:45     Photospheric supersonic flows observed with Hinode, GREGOR and SDO              

                         Sebastián Castellanos Durán

12:45-13:00     A new method for measuring the Wilson depression of sunspots  

                         Björn Löptien

13:00-13:15     Three-dimensional Stokes inversion with magnetohydrostationary constraints: first steps           

                         Adur Pastor Yabar

13:15-13:30     Inversions of ground based restored slit spectra      

                         Sudharshan Saranathan

13:30-13:45     Mosaic Observations of Vector Magnetic Field and Spatial Spectra of the Field and Magnetic Helicity in the Sun           

                         Kirill Kuzanyan

13:45-14:00     Long-term trends of Magnetic Bright Points: The evolution of MBP size and modelling of the number of MBPs at disc centre 

                         Dominik Utz

14:00-15:15    LUNCH


15:45-16:15     Photospheric convection – Recent results (INVITED)

                         Takayoshi Oba

16:15-16:30     High Resolution Observations of Dynamic Photosphere with Hinode/SOT CN-band Filtergram

                         Yoshinori Suematsu

Session 6. Results with ALMA

CHAIR: Toshifumi Shimizu

16:30-17:00     Initial Results from ALMA solar observations (INVITED)

                         Masumi Shimojo

17:00-17:30    Results from Hinode coordination with ALMA (INVITED)

                         Adam Kobelski

17:30-17:45     ALMA observations of the chromosphere on the polar limb

                         Takaaki Yokoyama

17:45-18:00     Investigating Chromospheric and Transition Region Morphological Structures Seen in IRIS and ALMA Observations       

                         Georgios Chintzoglou


* Tuesday September 11

 Session 4. Flares and coronal mass ejections

CHAIR: Francesca Zuccarello

 09:00-09:30     Spectroscopic observations of solar flares (INVITED)

                         Kyoung-Sun Lee

 09:30-10:00     Particle Acceleration in Solar Flares (INVITED)

                          Lyndsay Fletcher

 10:00-10:15     Heating of the solar photosphere during a white-light flare           

                         Jan Jurčák

 10:15-10:30    Generation of sequential X-class flares caused by rapid growth of magnetic field in AR 12673

                         Yumi Bamba

 10:30-10:45     Understanding the Unusual Flare Productivity of NOAA AR 10978 

                         Graham Barnes

 10:45-11:00     Observational Studies on Magnetic Helicity Injected by Self and Mutual Sunspot Rotations

                         Takahiro Hasegawa

 11:00-11:15     Solar flares in the IR and sub-millimetric: a prologue for DKIST and ALMA

                         Paulo Simoes


CHAIR: Kyoko Watanabe

12:00-12:30     Plasma properties in solar flares (INVITED)

                         Vanessa Polito

12:30-12:45    Chromospheric condensations and magnetic field in a C3.6-class flare studied via He I D3 spectro-polarimetry 

                         Tine Libbrecht

12:45-13:00     Three-dimensional magnetic reconnection in a limb solar flare     

                         Jaroslav Dudik

13:00-13:15     Solar flare in 3D MHD simulation. A spatiotemporal analysis of the magnetic field, electric current density and Lorentz force 

                          Krzysztof Barczynski

13:15-13:30     Data-constrained MHD simulations of the eruptions of the Feb 2009 sigmoid      

                        Antonia Savcheva

 Session 3. Magnetic coupling from the photosphere to the corona

CHAIR: Marian Martinez Gonzalez

13:30-14:00     Magnetic coupling through flux emergence  (INVITED)

                         Ada Ortiz

 14:00-15:15    LUNCH


 15:45-16:00     Reconnection between emerging and pre-existing magnetic fields observed with IRIS

                         Salvo Guglielmino

 16:00-16:15     Extreme temperatures at chromospheric heights produced by reconnection of emerging with pre-existing field           

                          Sanja Danilovic

 16:15-16:30     Transient magnetic flux emergence and reconnection in AR moss 

                          Lakshmi Pradeep Chitta

 16:30-16:45     Quiet Sun chromospheric magnetic energy growth 

                          Juan Martínez-Sykora

 16:45-17:00     Under what conditions does the Sun produce inverse FIP plasma composition?    

                          Lydia van Driel-Gesztelyi

Session 8. Next Generation Solar Physics Mission special session

17:05-17:35     The NGSPM-SOT report and Japanese contributions to the NGSPM

                        Toshifumi Shimizu

17:35-17:55    US contributions to the NGSPM

                        David McKenzie

17:55-18:10     Questions and discussion


* Wednesday September 12

Session 3. Magnetic coupling from the photosphere to the corona

CHAIR: Bernhard Fleck

09:00-09:30     Magnetic field evolution as a driver of solar eruptions (INVITED)

                        Stephanie L. Yardley

09:30-10:00     Magnetic loops in the solar atmosphere (INVITED)

                        Hardi Peter

10:00-10:15     Flux Cancelation as the Trigger of Coronal Hole Jet Eruptions         

                        Navdeep Panesar

10:15-10:30     Chromospheric magnetic field: A comparison of He I 10830 Å observation with nonlinear force-free field extrapolation           

                        Yusuke Kawabata

Session 2. Atmospheric structure, dynamics and heating

10:30-11:00     Chromospheric heating (INVITED)

                        Jorrit Leenaarts

11:00-11:15     Chromospheric heating in active regions and flares

                       Jaime de la Cruz Rodríguez 


CHAIR: Sabrina Savage

11:45-12:15     METCALF LECTURE Multi-scale observations of thermal non-equilibrium cycles in coronal loops

                        Clara Froment

12:15-12:45     Nanoflare observations (INVITED)

                         Shin-nosuke Ishikawa

12:45-13:00     High-Temperature Active Region Loops and Their Magnetic Properties

                        Ignacio Ugarte-Urra

13:00-13:15     Microflares in the cores of active regions    

                        Giulio Del Zanna

13:15-13:30     Thermal Non-equilibrium Plasma Observed by Hinode

                         Shinsuke Imada

13:30-13:45     Observationally based models of penumbral microjets       

                        Sara Esteban Pozuelo

13:45-14:00     Observations of Large Penumbral Jets from Hinode and IRIS

                         Sanjiv K. Tiwari

14:00-15:15    LUNCH


CHAIR: Yukio Katsukawa

15:45-16:15     Prominence dynamics as seen by Hinode SOT (INVITED)

                        Andrew Hillier

16:15-16:45     Prominence and spicule magnetic fields: an observational view (INVITED)

                         David Orozco Suárez

16:45-17:00     Low solar atmosphere observed by Hinode and IRIS simultaneously

                        Alberto Sainz Dalda

17:00-17:15     SNAPI: a NLTE inversion code

                         Ivan Milić

17:15-17:30     3D modeling of chromospheric spectral lines in a simulated active region

                        Johan Pires Bjørgen

17:30-17:45     Recurrent cool jets associated with chromospheric reconnection at a magnetic flux cancellation site

                        Masahito Kubo

17:45-18:00     Statistical Studies of Solar White-light Flares and Comparisons with Superflares on Solar-type Stars      

                        Kosuke Namekata

Session 8. NGSPM splinter session

18:05-18:50     Introduction to mission plans

                         Solar-C EUVST           S. Imada, Harry Warren

                         MUSE                          Ted Tarbell

                         PhoENIX & FOXI         S. Ishikawa (TBD)                

18:50-19:05     Discussions for coordination

                         David McKenzie

21:00                Buses depart for visit to Alhambra

* Thursday September 13

Session 7. Upcoming ground- and space-based instruments: synergies with Hinode

CHAIR: David Orozco Suarez

09:00-09:20     Sunrise III (INVITED)

                        Sami K. Solanki

09:20-09:40     Parker Solar Probe and synergies with Hinode (INVITED)

                        Nour E. Raouafi

09:40-10:00     Solar Orbiter: the upcoming ESA solar mission (INVITED)  

                        Jose Carlos del Toro Iniesta

10:00-10:20     Aditya L1: India’s first dedicated solar space mission (INVITED)

                        Dipankar Banerjee

10:20-10:40     The CLASP2 experiment and the observing plans with IRIS and Hinode (INVITED)

                        Takenori Okamoto

10:40-10:55     Preview of First Results from Hi-C 2.1 and Coordinated Observations

                         Sabrina Savage

10:55-11:10     Solar Orbiter science operations: an introduction for Hinode scientists

                        David Williams


12:00-12:20     Integral field units for solar observations (INVITED)

                         Manuel Collados

12:20-12:40     The DKIST Critical Science Plan:  Coordinated observations with Hinode (INVITED)

                         Mark Rast

12:40-13:00     Recent advances in the EST project (INVITED)

                         Rolf Schlichenmaier

Session 5. Waves and the solar wind

CHAIR: Louise Harra

13:00-13:30     Solar Cycle Changes in the Solar Wind (INVITED)

                        Enrico Landi

13:30-14:00     Spectroscopic observations of the sources of the slow solar wind (INVITED)

                        David Brooks

14:00-15:15    LUNCH


15:45-16:15     Waves in chromospheric and coronal structures (INVITED)

                         Ineke De Moortel

16:15-16:30     Inferring properties of oscillating prominence threads from Hinode data

                         María Montes Solís

16:30-16:45     Exploring the damping of Alfvén waves from the non-thermal broadening of spectral line profiles         

                         Girjesh Gupta

16:45-17:00     Dynamic Coronal Seismology of Alfvénic Waves      

                         Norbert Magyar

17:00-17:15     Hinode/EIS measurements of the preferential heating of minor ions in the low corona to test the role of different wave-particle mechanisms

                        Laurent Dolla

17:15-17:30    MHD Wave Propagation along Spicules Observed by CLASP

                        Masaki Yoshida

17:30-17:45     Resistive Dissipation of Alfvén Waves Generated in the Corona     

                        Jeffrey W. Reep

17:45-18:00     End of meeting

20:00               Buses depart for conference dinner